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Hi There

My name is Denis. I am a travel blogger. Having been on the wing since 2006 I visited more than twenty countries. I wandered across Europe and Asia. Sometimes I even reached such remote destinations as Brazil, Australia or Africa. Every city, village or even old little streets are the best travel places for me.

Why have I chosen this niche?

I have been working as a travel agent for six years. Cheap trips and luxurious voyages are my everyday job. One moment I decided that office consulting is not enough for me to share my road impressions. It’s high time to document all my travel and food adventures. My goal is to inspire you for the haunting journey. That is why I’m going to leak some cool travel tips, confide in some of the memories and tell how to travel without robbing any bank.

Explore the best travel destinations with me. Dig for some useful travel advice.

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